4th Autumn Friendship Seminar: Yoshi Shibata, Dan Messisco, and Craig Fife

The coming of Autumn is always a wonderful time here, as it marks the end of the hot Summer months and opens the door to cooler training periods. It’s also one of the best times to visit our dojo for some fabulous training.

Please join us in Roseville, CA (located a few handfuls of miles north of Sacramento) for the 4th Autumn Friendship Seminar series hosted by the Aikido & Healing Arts of Roseville. This year, in addition to our perennial guest senseis, Dan Messisco of the Aikido Schools of Ueshiba, and Yoshi Shibata of UC Santa Cruz Aikido, we welcome Craig Fife Sensei, 6th Dan, lead instructor of Aikido Northwest, one of our CAA sister dojos.

4th Autumn Friendship Seminar

We would be grateful that in addition to sharing information about our event and marking your calendars, you consider registering for the seminar by reserving your spot with a $40  deposit that will be applied towards your training.  This helps us gauge how many guests will be coming and greatly helps with our preperation.  You can find us on EVENTBRITE.

This year’s practice promises to be another great opportunity to explore a multitude of aikido related themes from a wide range of perspectives.

The seminar will be only $140 / 3 days of training and we also have reasonable day rates for those aikidoka who cannot join us in Roseville for all three days.

FRI $45

SAT $90

SUN $60

All three instructors will be training / leading class during each day of training; while we highly encourage everyone to join us for the full weekend, even if you cannot join us for all three days, you will be able to experience all the Sensei’s instruction.

We highly encourage you to reserve your spot today with a $40 non-refundable, pre-pay that will be applied towards your training for that weekend. Your $40 will be applied towards your full three day or daily rate training, but more importantly, will help us gaige how much preparation will be necessary for our guests. Remaining payment is not due until you arrive at the dojo.