Local Seminars and Events

Northern California (and the Bay Area in particular) has one of the highest concentrations of high level Aikido Senseis outside of Japan.  As such, there are many Aikido seminars that take place throughout the year.  As a service to our Aikido community, we will try to list the any upcoming Aikido seminars here in the Northern California area.  Please send information about aikido events to Community@rosevilleaikidocenter.com for posting to this site.

This information is listed purely as a service to our community and to the larger family of Aikido practitioners.  We highly recommend you contact the individual, hosting dojos if you have any questions or concerns.


February 2017

24     Howard Popkin @ Livermore, CA (POSTPONED / CANCELLED)

Daitoryu practioner and co-head of the Ginjukai Popkin Sensei visits Aikido of Livermore for his annual weekend seminar.

Howard Popkin

25     CAA Division 2 Training @ Redwood City, CA

Semi-annual training at Redwood City led by Frank Doran Shihan, 7th Dan, and Chuck Hauk Sensei, 6th Dan.

CAA Division 2 Training


26     CAA All Division Training @ San Jose, CA

Semi-annual training at Aikido of San Jose with all California Aikido Association dojos.

CAA Division Training

March 2017

10     Aikido’Ka 10th Anniversary @ Grass Valley, CA

Michael Friedl Shihan, 7th Dan, head of CAA Division 2 is joined by Kimberly Richardson Sensei, 6th Dan, to celebrate the dojo’s opening with a 3 day seminar.  Shodan exam will be held on Sunday 3/12.

CAA Calendar

25     Hans Goto @ Davis, CA

Goto Sensei, Head of the Takemusu Aikido Association travels to Aikido Institute of Davis for a one day seminar / Dan examinations.

Aikido of Daivs

25     Frank Doran @ Monterey, CA

Doran Shihan, 8th Dan, Lead Instructor of Aikido West comes to Aikido of Monterey for a one day seminar.

Aikido of Monterey

26     Linda Holiday and Glen Kimoto @ Berkeley, CA

Aikido of Santa Cruz instructors Holiday Sensei, 6th Dan, and Kimoto Sensei, 6th Dan come to Aikido of Berkeley to teach a one day seminar.

Aikido of Berkeley

31     Aikido Friendship Training @ Livermore, CA

Jim Alvarez Sensei, 6th Dan, hosts Dave Goldberg Sensei, Ayhan Kaya Sensei, and Brian Scott Sensei for a special, three day weekend seminar.

Aikido of Livermore

31     Kimberly Richardson @ Reno, NV

Richardson Sensei, 6th Dan, Lead Instructor of Two Cranes Aikido visits Aikido of Reno for a two day seminar.

Aikido of Reno

April 2017

08     Frank Doran @ Oakland, CA

Doran Shihan, 8th Dan, Lead Instructor of Aikido West comes to East Bay Aikido for a one day seminar.

East Bay Aikido

08     Annual Women’s Seminar @ Santa Cruz, CA

Linda Holiday, 6th Dan, Lead Instructor of Aikido of Santa Cruz and Penny Sablove, 4th Dan, Lead Instructor of Heart of San Francisco Aikido lead the annual seminar focused on women training in aikido.

Women’s Seminar Flyer


15     “High Five” Celebration @ Monterey, CA

Cathy Jaeger Sensei, 5th Dan, and Erik Haag Sensei, 5th Dan, both of whom recently achieved Kagami Biraki promotions, lead a morning seminar at Aikido of Monterey as a dojo celebration of their accomplishment.

Aikido of Monterey

21     Harvey Konigsberg @ Berkeley, CA

Konigsberg Shihan, 7th Dan, lead instructor of Woodstock Aikido and one of the leaders of the Unites States Aikido Federation comes to Aikido of Berkeley for a three day seminar weekend.

Aikido of Berkeley

21     O Sensei Revisited VI @ Occidental, CA

Annual program at CYO Occidental — a special, three day weekend seminar where leading CAA Division 3 Senseis (e.g. Nadeau Shihan, Wada Shihan, Denise Barry Sensei, Elaine Yoder Sensei, etc.) and guests (i.e. Mary Heiny Sensei) teach their interpretation of Morihei Ueshiba’s aikido.

City Aikido

27     Mike Weber @ Sacramento, CA

Weber Sensei of Aikido of Wales returns to the Aikido Center for a 3 day seminar, starting on THU evening and running through Saturday.

Aikido Center FB Event

29     Robert Frager @ Santa Cruz, CA

Frager Shihan, 7th Dan, Head of the Western Aikido Association and former uchideshi under the Founder Morihei Ueshiba visits Aikido of Santa Cruz to help honor O’Sensei on the 48th anniversary of his passing.

Aikido of Santa Cruz

May 2017

05     8th Annual Aiki Horizons Gasshuku @ Monterey, CA

Annual three day seminar at Aikido of Monterey and the nearby Chataqua Hall where high ranking Sensei from across the California Aikido Association (e.g. Danielle Smith Sensei, Aikido of Monterey – 6th Dan; Vince Salvatore Sensei, Aikido of Reno – 6th Dan; Pat Hendricks Shihan, Aikido of San Leandro – 7th Dan; Michael Friedl Shihan, Aikido of Ashland – 7th Dan; Yvonne Thelwell, Aikido of Arlington – 5th Dan; Michael Smith, Aikido of Monterey – 6th Dan; Michael McVey, Yellow Springs Aikido – 6th Dan; Louis Jumonville, Hikari Dojo — 6th Dan; Dennis Evans, Aikido of Monterey — 6th Dan; and Ray Gardiner, Three Rivers Aikido — 5th Dan) gather and teach.

One Point Center

26     Christian Tissier @ San Francisco, CA

Tissier Shihan, 8th Dan, founding member of the Fédération Française d’Aïkido Aïkibudo et Affinitaires, and one of the leaders of the International Aikido Federation, visits San Francisco’s Suginami Aikikai for a three day seminar.

Suginami Aikikai

26     28th TAA Memorial Day Gassuku @ Tahoe City, CA

Bill Witt Shihan, 8th Dan, leads the Takemusu Aikido Association leading Senseis in their nearly annual training weekend, focusing on the Iwama aikido style near Lake Tahoe.



27     Frank Doran @ Redway, CA

Doran Shihan, 8th Dan, returns to Mateel Aikido for a two day seminar.

Aikido West

June 2017


July 2017

12     Aikido Summer Retreat @ Santa Cruz, CA

A 5-day intensive seminar co-taught by Motomichi Anno Sensei 8th dan, Mary Heiny Sensei, Linda Holiday Sensei, and guest instructors.

Aikido of Santa Cruz

NOTE: Images are temporarily used solely to help spread awareness of the seminars being offered at the respective dojos and their use here is not to signify ownership by the Aikido & Healing Arts of Roseville of any form.