Aikido Class Schedule


  • No Class


  • Basics (Kids/Family): 6 – 7PM


  • No Class


  • Basics (Kids/Family): 6 – 7PM


  • Weapons: 5:30 – 6:15PM
  • Regular Class: 6:15 – 7:30PM


  • Open Mat (Kids + Adults): 10 – 11AM
  • Beginners: 11AM – 12PM


  • No Class

Aiki Weapons — Please bring your own Jo, Bokken

The mat fee is $15, or a donation is also accepted.

A Filled COVID 19 Waiver is required for training.

Covid 19 Waiver Aikido

Mat Fee:There is a $15 mat fee per class for anyone who wants to train who is not an official member.
Ranks: Only ranks of Shodan and above will wear the Aikido hakama along with their belt while training on the mat. For additional information on the Aikido ranking systems, please visit the Aikido West web site.

If you are considering starting up Aikido training for the first time (or the first time in a long time), please feel free to visit one of our classes.  If you do not have a gi (traditional martial arts uniform), please wear comfortable clothes to practice in.  We strongly encourage trying out a class.  Please stop by 15 minutes or so before class and we will be happy to incorporate you into our instruction and show you some of the basic dojo etiquette. Before practicing at the Aikido & Healing Arts Center of Roseville, we do ask that you please fill out a Liability Waiver.

Liability Waiver

Additionally, on the last Saturday of every month; morning class will be followed by a dojo cleaning session; while on the first Saturday of every month; class will be followed by an Aikido Beginners Workshop / Open House (


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