New Series of FREE Yoga Classes Starting on July 13, 2013

Yoga, is a system of using breath, movement, and powerful static poses to create an integral balance of strength and flexibility. It is a non-competitive art with ancient roots, and modern usefulness.

By increasing our body awareness and our attention to detail, we get more focused, fluid, and less susceptible to injury. Yoga is a fitting complement to the martial arts, by cultivating a meditative mindset within physical challenge.

The classes at Aikido of Roseville begin with a warmup of breath-oriented movement, (sun salutations), followed by a more static sequence of robust poses. Then, floor work of deep hip openers, arm stretches, and twists will take us into a short meditation.

If you have a yoga mat, bring one – if not, the tatami floor of the dojo is perfectly sufficient. Wear comfortable clothing, and consider bringing a hand towel and water.

Slow Flow Yoga Classes are 45 minutes long and will be taught on Saturdays Sundays, starting 15 minutes after Aikido classes have completed (no yoga classes will be held if there is an Aikido event, i.e. Open House or Seminar.)  They are free of charge for current members of Aikido of Roseville.  For non-members, the drop-in rate is $10.00 for everyone, though donations (collected for: Doctors Without Borders.)  FIRST CLASS IS JULY 13.

Classes are taught by aikidoka Sarah Croft, who has been teaching professionally for over 12 years. A former Paramedic with extensive anatomy training, she can modify a yoga practice to fit any practitioner, at any fitness level.